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on the way to Basel

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"Well I think I’ll agree with the constructive criticism as far as I’ve been stifled in a couple of games when players have followed me about and I found it difficult to shake them off. But then people go one step further and say you’re finished and you can’t run anymore and you’re done. That’s the frustrating thing. So it was nice to just remind people that although I am 34, I can still run. I can still play. I can still compete with the best players around." - Steven Gerrard

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celebration after Steven Gerrard’s 10th goal against Everton

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"Daniel Agger loves football, but he loves it on his terms and in a way that won’t compromise his values as a person."

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"Everyone always talks about your performances. What was your view on the way you’ve been performing on the way into this match?" 

Stevie’s post-derby interview

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